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What My Clients Are Saying



Before I started working with Helen, I was going through one of the toughest mental health periods of my life. And at first, like many, I was hesitant to try hypnotherapy. But I can safely say, months down the line, that giving it a try is one of the best decisions I've made in years. Helen has helped me teach myself that a simple change in mindset can make all the difference; that life can be what I want it to be, and at the end of the day, I can make the changes. If anxiety is a pit I was stuck in, Helen taught me how to build a ladder. 



I have been receiving treatment for anxiety and I must say I'm feeling more relaxed than I have ever done.  I could not recommend Helen more to help with any issues you may be struggling with. She is so helpful and makes you realise that we all need help every now and again and there is nothing wrong with that. Thank you Helen for all of your help.



I recently referred a friend to Helen who was struggling with intrusive thoughts, anxiety, depression, and poor sleep. The positive effects of her work with him were apparent from their very first session. Helen did an excellent job of explaining what was going on in his brain and gave him practical tools to manage his anxiety and intrusive thoughts. The work they did together left him feeling much more able not just to cope but to have agency. He went from feeling powerless to a having a much fuller understanding of his emotional responses and having practical ways to deal with the ones those that were causing him distress. Moreover he enjoyed his sessions with Helen immensely and found her to be extremely calming, compassionate, helpful, and affirming. He looked forward to his sessions with her every week and could see measurable progress and improvement in his mental health with every session. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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